Episode 179 of the Teach Better Talk Podcast - Traci Browder

17 year veteran educator, and podcast host, Traci Browder, chats with us about mentoring others, the power of believing in our students, and helping teachers fall in love with teaching again.

I Wish I Knew EDU - Ramona Meharg

Episode 95: Pt 1 with Traci Browder @TraciBrowder features mentoring, Kindergarten, growth partners, flexible seating and thirsty learners. 

Operation Teacher Relief

NBC 5 featured Traci’s Operation Teacher Relief program.  A YouTube channel she created for teachers and parents  to have educational support resources during Hurricane Harvey and she expanded the resource during remote learningContent is segmented by grade and subject making it easy for anyone to navigate and access exactly what they need. 

 School Rubric article on Operation Teacher Relief.

The Wired Educator Podcast - Kelly Croy

From Kelly Croy’s, TheWiredEducator.com

In this episode of The Wired Educator Podcast, I interview Traci Browder. Traci is an amazing educator that can help all of us make the greatest impact on students’ lives through the challenges of teaching in a pandemic. She is an expert in remote instruction, creating and curating incredibly helpful content for teachers in this time of need. She was named teacher of the year her first year teaching, and once again in another district. She hosts the amazing Intelligogy Podcast.

COVID, Race & Relationships

Teach Better: Conversations for Change

Traci didn’t sit on the sidelines after Goerge Floyd’s death.  She began a mission of educating school leaders on social media leading topics including racism, antiracism, and equity.

She led a conversation with deeply challenging and thought-provoking questions for educators in July for the weekly Teach Better conversation on Twitter called Mastery Chat. See the questions she developed here.

#MasteryChat Recap conversation on Facebook/YouTube between Chad Ostrowski & Traci Browder.

Building a Learning Guide to Support Parents

This School Rubric webinar, “Building a Learning Guide for Parents that Works,” reveals Traci’s heart work in building a learning guide that fosters a collaborative partnership with parents in the education of their children during virtual learning. She created two versions of her learning guide…one that is very comprehensive in scripting and support, and one that is more streamlined.  The learning guide also includes activities from other teachers on her team as content contributors.

Teach Better 12 Hour Live Stream

Jeff Gargas’ insanely awesome idea for Teach Better to host its first 12 hour live stream included Traci as a guest. Lots of laughter and excitement, but the heart of the conversation was encouraging and inspiring teachers…and the story of the typo… #Betterflies!

Texans Giving Back - Documentary by Castleview

Traci created Operation Teacher Relief in the midst of Hurricane Harvey as a resource for families to have a sense of normalcy while rebuilding their lives. She calls it a digital storehouse for teaching and learning. Content is organized by grade and subject.  Traci’s efforts and passion for Operation Teacher Relief caught the eye of a Castleview,  a premier video production company, while they were developing a documentary called, “Texans Giving Back.” See the beautiful story here.

About The Podcast

Traci Browder, takes us behind the curtains of her classroom, into the living room with her family, and guides us to the heart of equity & antiracism awareness.

Traci gives us the secrets to disrupting educational normalcy in this provocatively riveting podcast for educators. From new teachers to veterans to administrators, everyone walks away empowered, inspired, and ready to shatter ceilings to take students to new educational heights.

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