The first hour of the final day of 2020.

It’s heavy.

The darkest hours, the quietest hours, are the hardest hours.

There is hope in the midnight hour.

I know it’s hard to see.

All you see is the pain.

You feel alone, but you are not alone.

Don’t be afraid to reach out in the midnight hour.

Call a loved one, someone you trust.

Please hear me:

Your pain is not too ugly.

Your struggle is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Your grief doesn’t have to be yours alone.

When you feel like you can’t talk to anybody, know that you are not alone.

Even if you don’t want to talk, but just need the presence, there are people who want to be there for you. To hold the phone in silence if that’s what you need.

Light will come.

There is hope in tomorrow. It takes time. One moment at a time.

We have been through so much. There are empty chairs. Please hold on. Anchor yourself in your faith. Remember there are people who love you. Who care deeply for you.

Just peel back the covers, place one foot in front of the other. One moment at a time turns into one day at a time.

Light will come.