You know those conferences that you really want to go to, but there’s the cost, the flight, the family?

Or those trainings after school that we are too exhausted to be actively engaged in?

I know a place.

A place where you can be in your PJs, in the car, or anywhere you need to be and still get cutting edge, value-packed information to transform your classroom and teaching experience.

I just made my 1st Buncee because another educator shared hers in this place not yet revealed.

Twitter is home to a powerful network of professional educational learning. Educators join in weekly chats that’s I’d refer to as conversations. Most chats have a facilitator or moderator who delivers questions. Educators participate by thinking deeply, coming from the heart, sharing wisdom, lessons learned, and technological connection resources.

One of the most uniquely styled chat formats is PD4uandme. Hosted by three amazing people: Teresa Gross

Twitterverse is the new campground for educators.