Worldwide impact



Bare shelves


Six feet apart. Or Social Distancing

Ten person gathering max


Schools closed


That’s the big picture – and a heavy one – and we are living it in real time, microcosmically.

We are trying to navigate our new way of living. Some are frightened, some are worried, stressed, exhausted, the list goes on.

It’s ok to not be ok.

It’s part of the process.

Give yourself permission and time to process this situation, but…

If I could say this:

Try your best not to stay in that space for very long.

Give yourself permission to grieve, but don’t allow it to become fertilizer for you to get lost in or consumed by the emotions.

Before we know it, our mental health can slowly begin to be affected.

None of what I mentioned above sounds positive because it isn’t.

But here’s the question we need to ask ourselves…

What positives can come from the most difficult of situations.

This not going to be easy, but we are better together and that makes us resilient!