How are you doing?

Really.  I want to know, so please let me know in comments. The more we talk, the better we are for ourselves, our families, and our students.

I’m a forward thinker, a contingency thinker, a big thinker.  Sometimes, I have to remember to slow down, and think about where everyone else is.  But, isn’t that what makes our world wonderful?  That we’re all different? We are better together!

I prepared some videos for parents, they’re not fancy…really they aren’t – no professional lighting, no fancy mic (I wish I had those things, but I don’t!).

In fact, they were created in a tiny corner between my desk and bookshelves in my office.  Really, it’s my husband’s office.  He works from home often…I’m the new kid on the block and we are trying to make it work!

I prepared some videos to help parents navigate phonics at home. I’m sharing a document and you may tailor it as you wish.  It includes links to short videos I made to teach parents the proper pronunciation of letter sounds, how to blend CVC words, and some easy to play games at home to practice letters and sight words.

You’ll also find information for a GooseChase game called “Find the Rhyme.”  When you click on the link in the previous sentence, this is the link that you can use to initiate your own “Find the Rhyme” game.

You can have the same joy that I did when I launched my game. Check out the laughs and happy tears I had while running the game here!

As we continue to navigate through life with #coronavirus, I will continue to share resources and try to be a resource for others.

Please remember to check in and let me know how you are doing in the comments section.  It’s important that we communicate with one another.

Remote Learning Resources for Kinder Teachers to Share

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