Nearing the holidays is tough. Not just tough at school, but tough in other professions, as parents, for kids, husbands, wives.

I’ve read so many teacher posts in the past week, about bad days, tough kids, wanting to throw in the towel.

Truth is, kids need us now more than ever. Why?

Have a seat.

We don’t always see bullying anymore…but it’s there. In the palm of their hands.

The fear of missing out leaves kids drained of any reassurance that they are worthy and valued.

There are so many emotions and burdens that we cannot see that cause kids to be isolated, angry, or even act out.

We can’t check out because we are tired or feel under appreciated. We have to refuel, check in, and build and restore relationships. They need us. They need us now more than ever before. They need you. You’ve got this. You are enough.