Brian Aspinall, author of Codebreaker and Block Breaker, often posts on his Twitter feed, “Sometimes the greatest PD is the teacher down the hall.

And sometimes, the best PD is right at your fingertips.

The educational world is experiencing a silent, yet aggressive and trending shift toward real-world PLNs.

For years, teachers have said they want meaningful, relevant PD, they want to learn from and with their peers.

It’s finally happening right before our eyes and it’s amazing.

Teachers and administrators are gathering to discuss best practices over coffee, they’re curling up in blankets with pillow in tow on the side of their beds in the early dawn to join innovators, thinkers, movers, and shakers in the educational Twitter PLN.

Educators are joining these networks because of the commonalities, the mentorship, collaboration, challenges, and sharing of best practices.

To take yourself beyond your comfort zone, to do things you’ve always dreamed of, you need a growth partner down the hall.

Who’s that person that just gets you? There’s an unspoken bond of trust between the two of you. True transparency exists.

That’s your growth partner.

The idea to share the Growth Partner concept came from one of my Twitter PLNs, #satchat, led today by its co-creator and Superintendent of New Jersey’s Hamilton Township School District, Dr. Scott Rocco.

Dr. Rocco posed the question, “How can educators orient themselves toward innovative and best practices in the field of education?”

My response included having a growth partner.

Educator Julie Conrad responded, “I love this idea of a growing partner. I have a couple of them, but love that term.”

9 Steps to Build a Growth Partner Relationship

1. Establish an invitation to grow this summer with your newly identified growth partner.

2. Establish norms for your partnership.

3. Talk through dreams, goals, areas of growth.

4. Be reflective.

5. Accept feedback.

6. Give genuine, positive, and relavant feedback.

7. Challenge each other to grow.

8. Set timeframes and measurable outcomes.

9. Evaluate and enjoy the progress and growth.

Friends, I want you to realize – if you haven’t already – that this entire post is based solely upon collaborative PLN discussions on Twitter. Find your growth partner down the hall…and on Twitter😉!

Mark your calendar for these Twitter PLNs!

Saturday Lineup, EST

#satchat 7:30 am

#pd4uandme 8:30 am

@EduGladiators, 9 am

#LeadUpChat, 9:30 am

#UnlockingHeroes, 10am

#LeadLAP, 10:30 am

Wednesday, 8 pm CST


Monday, 9pm EST