For years I dreamed of living in a classroom with 100% flex seating. I’ve read a host of opinions on both sides of the fence. Remember my post on fear? I had to change the way I was thinking about flex seating.

“I wish I could have a flexible seating classroom.”

Wishing doesn’t produce results.

This summer, I had another 0 Fear moment.

I decided I was going for it. My room this school year would be 100% flexible seating.

Guess what? It is!

It all started with a pin from Pinterest.

It went from idea to this:

This blogumentary will take you on a journey through my classroom transformation. What makes this transformation unique, is that it is transforming right before the students eyes. I didn’t do a classroom overhaul in the summer and they saw it the first day of school. Quite the opposite. My room has been transforming all throughout the year.

I can’t wait to share with you how this transpired without spending any money, without writing a grant, and without using Donors Choose. Together, we will understand how the learning transformed along with the classroom.

Interested in riding along?

Segment 2 is in the works and will explain how I started the process of the transformation. As I’m writing Segment 2, I’d love to know what questions you have about flexible seating. Have you tried flex seating in your classroom? Are you thinking about trying it? What’s holding you back? Let me know in comments or email me at [email protected]