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Traci Browder M. ed

Inspiring, mentoring and changing the lives of children since 2004
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Who is Traci Browder

Traci Browder is a trailblazer in education inspiring and mentoring teachers and changing the lives of children for more than 16 years.  She was Teacher of the Year her very first year of teaching and was chosen as Teacher of the Year a few years later in her current district.

About The Podcast

Traci Browder, takes us behind the curtains of her classroom, into the living room with her family, and guides us to the heart of equity & antiracism awareness.

Traci gives us the secrets to disrupting educational normalcy in this provocatively riveting podcast for educators. From new teachers to veterans to administrators, everyone walks away empowered, inspired, and ready to shatter ceilings to take students to new educational heights.

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